DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. ‘Always show up and be unapologetically yourself.’ – Aishwarya Ramakrishnan

Hailing from Chennai, Aishwarya Ramakrishnan, obtained her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology at the American University of Sharjah and now runs Classic Quilts, a hobby shop on Jumeira Beach Road.

“So many things keep me going,” says Aishwarya. “Love for our business and the ideas in my head. I enjoy training and moving my body. I enjoy knowing there is so much to explore in the world.”

Her philosophy in life?  “Always show up and be unapologetically yourself, in absolutely every life situation.”

Aishwarya said that in the journey of running her own business, she has learned that “adaptation is very important to survive and thrive.”

Apparently having gone through curbs she advises those planning to open a business to “focus on building good processes (and) have good people working with you as you start (because) these make it easier to scale your business as it grows.”

Her plan for Classic Quilts is for it to go 100% digital and lead the hobby market internationally.

For her, Aishwarya says Dubai is the safest city in the world. “I love how open-minded we have become because we interact with different nationalities on a daily basis.”

As for which part of the city it is that she loves the most,  Aishwarya said: “(T)he Middle bit: DowntownWorld Trade Centre area, literally knowing that the oldest building – Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) –  is neighbouring the Burj Khalifa Tower,  showcases how crazy the development has been in this city. 

“We have gone from being a barren desert to being a huge metropolitan city –  thanks to the vision of its leaders. I like this part because it gives me a good blend of the old (never forget your roots) and the new (always something to look forward to).”

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