DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Ex-motocross racer says life is like a track – full of ups and downs

Kenneth Kigozi of Uganda sold his bike so he could come to Dubai and try his luck.

Kenneth Kigozi was a motocross racer back in Uganda. But sold his bike so he could come to Dubai and try his luck.

He has not totally abandoned the sport. He said getting back on the race track is his “biggest wish.”

“But it’s a very expensive sport. It requires a lot of investment to have sponsors I didn’t have that money,” says Kenneth when asked why he sold his bike for Dubai.

Kenneth, who has been in the UAE for the past seven years, had worked in Sharjah for four years as a building security guard during which he finds time to do some sport activities whenever free.

“I’m personally a sportsman. I can do everything competition wise, even jey-skiing,” he says.

Kenneth, who had been to Nairobi, Kenya twice in 2013 (2)  for a motocross competition, says life is like a race track: “It is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you fall off your bike, but get you get up to be back in the rat race again. 

“In motocross, we have a saying that if you fall down five times, stand up six times. It is never about falling, but rather rising up every time you fall down.”

Aside from being a racer, Kenneth also trains.  “I had some Arab friends who liked my skills and I was like a trainer to them. They even give me a sport bike,” he said.

Kenneth, who describes himself a positive person, says his journey in life started like anyone else’s: “A slow ride, as in your childhood in your life; but as you grow up, you realize you don’t know what comes ahead – it may bring screams of fear or laughter with tears.”

Kenneth these days works as a real-estate broker.



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