DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Ghaliah Saeed Amin: ‘Do what makes you really happy, and be real!’

Hailing from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Ghaliah Saeed Amin has, for the past five years, enjoying life as a TV host and presenter as well as a model.

She graduated high school from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, moved to Sharjah and got her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. After that, Ghaliah completed her master’s degree in Art History and Museum Studies in Sorbonne Abu Dhabi. 

Ghaliah said it keeps her going “when teenage girls come up to me and tell me that what I do (the modeling) is cool or it makes them feel good.”

“I started my media and modeling career almost five years ago. It’s been a really fun journey so far. I wasn’t going to start it if I haven’t faced the challenge of being told I can’t be in fashion because of my weight,” reveals Ghaliah.

Ghaliah is part of Gap Middle East’s “Come As You Are” Campaign, which features four of the region’s most inspiring women.

“‘Come As You Are’ is something I really believe in because when you are your true self that is when you shine,” Ghaliah said. 

Her life philosophy? “Do what makes you really happy and be real!” she says.

And her advice? “Be your own role model.”


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