DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Love ‘Made in Dubai’

Chinechetam James Anoti, who is from Nigeria, arrived in Dubai on Jan. 15, 2014. 

Currently working as barista in Dubai’s Marina area, James, a high school graduate, left his country to seek greener pastures in this expat city. 

He eventually got more than what he had prayed for.

“Life has been ups and downs, I can’t complain,” he says, adding: “God has been merciful and loving. I left my personal business in Nigeria on Jan. 15, 2014 and went to Dubai.

“I must say God has blessed me in this city. I met my love interest here in 2017 and we got married on Sept. 21, 2019,” referring to Diane, also from Nigeria and who was working in sales at the time.

James’ first job was something he did not like, he said.  “I worked 13 hours round-the-clock.”

That all changed when he managed to move to a new employment. Now, he is looking forward to a better life than home, thanks to the city.


  1. Wow wonderful story, I didn’t expect to see myself in a magazine. Keep it up JoJo.


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