DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Mansour Talal Bakheet: Great coffee…great ambiance…they go together.

“I started my design studio right after I graduated,” says Mansour Talal Bakheet, born in Saudi Arabia. “Design is the most interesting thing for me as a job. Be it designing a new restaurant or a new office. It has an interesting challenge. It gives me excitement,” he added.

“I like to have a positive impact through design – it gives me a medium to express myself and address daily issues like access to good quality coffee in your neighborhood. That’s how Qahwaty Café was born.

“I love coffee. My brother loves coffee. It’s like a joint effort. I love Arabic calligraphy. I love culture. I wanted to create an impression in having enough space and a great coffee experience and that’s what happened: I brought the space; he brought the coffee experience,” Mansour said.

He said they decided to open their unique coffee shop in Dubai because the city is “one of the easiest place to start a business.”

“There is availability of opportunities,” he said.

Mansour said all it takes to run a business is passion. “If you are passionate, you can figure it out because business involves a lot of challenges and if you are passionate, you can go through it.”


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