DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Ramayana Bringel: Bringing Brazilian vegan joy to Dubai

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The latest craze in town is Holly Organico, a vegan restaurant along the Al Wasl strip – Wasl Square to be more precise.

And in the kitchen is Chef Ramayana Bringel, 28-year-old Brazilian, born in Rio de Janiero and raised in the quaint town south of Minas Gerais. 

She has been an entrepreneur since 2010 and has successfully established at least five vegan restaurants. 

Along with her Mother Claudia Bringel, Ramayana set up the first vegan and organic bakery in Brazil, supplying products to different sized businesses across the country. 

Having been vegan for seven years now, Ramayana always observed good eating habits and had a vegetarian upbringing since she was born. Her main motivation for creating vegan dishes is based on her core philosophy to stop animal suffering and use the Earth’s goodness to prepare high quality and flavored dishes. The main recipes were created in her home kitchen for family and friends who were always surprised and delighted by her special skills. 

What started out as door-to-door sales in a small town, quickly progressed to become a successful homegrown business and her fame grew through local organic fairs to supplying and launching restaurants!

Ramayana’s passion for healing with food led her to study vegan nutrition and she attended three technical courses all over Brazil. She has taken many courses including courses in local cuisine development in Europe and Asia. 

As a nature lover, she continues to travel the world and explore their unique cuisine to bring culinary flavor to her vegan dishes. She thrives on creating new dishes and offering a variety of choices for healthy and pure eating, finding ways to use only organic ingredients to prepare her food – at Holly Organico.

Holly Organico Kitchen’s commitment to your health and well-being is evident in our organic, fresh, and natural meals which are custom-made using the highest quality ingredients to fulfil your body’s health requirements, without compromising on great taste.

Holly Organico is more than a place to eat deliciously organic food; it is a rewarding experience that invites you to join us on a journey to better health, wellness and harmony between mind and body.

The restaurant has many options: traditional Brazilian cheese bread, tapioca, scrambled tofu, omelette, focaccias, classic stuffed croissants, waffles, and tartlets for Breakfast.

For lunch, there is a new daily dish of the day prepared and served. Popular orders are Feijoada, Stroganoff, Paella, to mention a few.  

For the afternoon tea, you will find many wonderful options of fresh cakes and pies straight out of the oven that will surprise and delight you! Be sure to try our infamous milkshakes and the Brigadeiros! The appetizers are also great to accompany your coffeetime or tea break. For savoury we also offer the traditional Brazilian coxinha, cheese balls, kibbeh, falafel and esfihas.

For dinner, there are options for special dishes of the house like Lasagna, risottos and the incredible traditional Brazilian Moqueca. 

Holly Organico also does catering services. Whether you are looking to host a personal dinner, corporate event, party, or a wedding, the highly dedicated and professional team will prepare a 100% deliciously plant-based/vegan menu that is globally inspired and prepared carefully with love. 

Led by Chef Ramayana, Holly Organico will make your special event come to life flawlessly and create a truly one-of-a-kind experience. 

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