DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Renata Messarra flies on her own

People don’t stay in one place too long, they move up. That’s how they do it in Dubai.

Renata Messarra, managing director at Reborn Consultancy, a public relations firm, started out in this expat city more than 10 years ago, fresh from finishing her BA in Advertising and Marketing in Lebanon.

“I decided to move to Dubai to discover my potentials. After getting employed in great companies, where I’ve been given the chance to perform my work in domains like corporate events, media, outdoor marketing, fashion and hospitality among others, I have decided to fly on my own. I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship since day one,” Renata tells Dubai Vibes Magazine.

She brings more than a decade of experience with particular strengths in the areas of digital marketing, events and public relations especially in the food and beverage industry. Her years of creative experience were acquired from handling well-known local and international brands.

Renata, who was born in Lebanon and raised in Bologna, Italy, has recently formed her own public relations firm that, she says, “really fills a gap in the market…with a vision of being a leading communication agency in the UAE, focused on delivering award-winning campaigns.”

“I’ve been in Dubai for over 10 years, which allowed me to see the evolution of the market and understand how Dubai will be the best living city in the world based on His Highness Sheikh Mohamad Al Maktoum’s vision,” says Renata.

She added: “I have travelled to over 40 countries, and the experience helped me to have a better grasp of the world by learning and experiencing the different cultures of each country that I have visited. 

“Dubai is my place to go for work. I’ve never felt working anywhere else as there are all nationalities under one roof here and it’s so dynamic.”

What keeps her going? 

“Challenges and achieving my goals. And mostly being surrounded by the people I love, who are the key when it comes to supporting me in reaching my dreams and ambitions. In the end, the foundations of successful business are simple: experience, goals, purpose, passion and most important, values,” says Renata.

Another thing, she says, is that  Dubai is “home to everyone who has a dream.”  The city, she added, “offers all the opportunities for everyone to  achieve the impossible as long as they are a hard worker.”

“Opportunities knock at your door everyday.”


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