DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Supermarket merchandiser takes Dubai one day at a time

Anees Farhat, who’s from the historic, beautiful city of Tunis in Tunisia, arrived in Dubai on Oct. 11 last year just as the city was beginning to spring back to life following months of quarantine measures implemented to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Three months later, Anees got himself a job as a merchandiser at a supermarket.

“There were no jobs back home and so I decided to try Dubai,” Anees said. He said he actually got several employment proposals in the city but thought he’d take the merchandiser slot offer for a range of reasons.

Be that as it may, Anees says he has yet to fully enjoy Dubai and discover the city. 

“I plan to do so, maybe on a road trip. Right now, I am just too busy at work,” he said, in between sips of Turkish coffee.


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