DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. They call him ‘Blessing’

Blessing Chikwe, 37, from Nigeria has been in Dubai for some 10 years of which eight were mostly spent in the hospitality sector where he took on security jobs.

A burly guy, who loves his wife more than anybody or anything else (he’d give the word to her except that it’s not his to take) and will move mountains for her, Blessing likes it when people get fond of his name.

“Yes, that’s my real name, Blessing,” says the guy who could easily pass for a football or rugby player. “I love to be a blessing to everyone,” he added.

Blessing said working in an environment of people belonging to different nationalities, as in the case in Dubai, gives him a sense of unique joy. Every day is a learning experience, always a surprise would pop up.

Blessing was among those hit hard during last year’s quarantine measures put in effect to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. 

He got things turning around thought and is now a freelancer engaged in organizing events.


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