DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. ‘You cannot conquer a mountain in a day.’ — Dr. Shahzadi Saba

Dr. Shahzadi Saba, specialist in family medicine Golden Sands Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi, which is managed by NMC, recalls how she had her ups and downs in Saudi Arabia during her first overseas post years ago.

“When I started my professional life there were a lot of challenges – first was the language barrier and the difference in the culture. Even the nature of the diseases were different from my country,” said Dr. Shahzadi, who was born and raised in Pakistan.

“But with the passage of time, when I finally learned about the language and the culture, things started to be easy,” she added.

In a way, Dr. Shahzadi, her experiences in Saudi Arabia prepared her for her next task: work in the United Arab Emirates – a multi-ethnic expatriate country, where there are even more cultures to understand, not to mention language issues.

Having been focused on her job, Dr. Shahzadi wish that NMC expands Golden Sands Medical Centre’s operation to start academic courses for the youth.

“One of my calling is teaching to motivate the young ones,” she said.

Speaking of the youth, here is her advice: “I think what is lacking among the youth is planning. Without planning you cannot succeed. There is no shortcut to success. Plan realistically. There is no shortcut to success. 

“Do it step by step. You cannot conquer a mountain in a day.”


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