DUBAI EXPAT STORIES. Zakiya Dhiyab Hamed Al Zakwani explains how homeopathy works

“Homeopathy was something my mother had always been using on us as children. When having my own child, she would keep falling ill very often and the allopathic doctor kept prescribing her antibiotics which made her weaker and more prone to illnesses,” shares Zakiya Dhiyab Hamed Al Zakwani, founder Zproyecto, a brand, which blends two cultures – from the Gulf of Oman to the Atlantic Ocean. 

The company name combines the first initial of her name, Zakiya, which means pure in Arabic, and the Spanish word for project – “Proyecto” the term her Spanish husband would use for project. Together, the compound word underlines the brand ideology – “A Project of Purity”. 

Zakiya added: “One day, my mother suggested I look for a good homeopathic doctor in Abu Dhabi. I found Dr Mhapoline D’ Souza from Lotus clinic in Abu Dhabi who changed my daughter’s life. 

“A cough that was persistent for two months settled within three days just using homeopathy. This pushed me in the direction of studying homeopathy, to understand how a diluted pill works. I am still in my first year studying homeopathy in the UK.

“Precious and semi-precious stones have always been my love. Custom making my own jewellery back in Oman was something I always enjoyed doing. Even my wedding earrings, I custom-made with sapphire stones. But the day I started recognizing the healing effect of semi-precious stones was through my amethyst ring bought from Tiffany.

“Whenever I wore it, I would have the calmness and never get headaches due to overworking or excitement. This slowly encouraged me to read more, and after indulging into homeopathy and understanding the vital force, it led me to crystal healing. I think once you get into the holistic healing path, one thing leads to the next and you start seeing how a holistic approach to wellbeing, brings in a balance and equilibrium on all the levels of life,” Zakiya said.

Citing her personal experience, Zakiya said she had  a two-year, post-delivery lower backache that couldn’t be cured completely with allopathic medication and painkillers. “Even yoga unfortunately wasn’t helping,” she said.

But the pain was gone and she got her life back, “thanks to homeopathy,” Zakiya said. 

“Homeopathy deals with the vital force of mankind and not just the physical body, which is the main reason it heals completely,” she added.  

Zakiya said she embarked on her journey because there is a “global lack of awareness across the world, especially in the western culture, about holistic healing and alternative medicine properties and benefits.”

She said this “gets the people solely reliant on  medicine and traditional pharmacology often used systematically or abusively to treat various diagnostics that could be cured naturally and in a side-effect-free way for the benefit of our body.

“This journey was conceived from my vision of seeing future generations being wiser and being able to choose their preferred healing method whenever this possibility exists.” 

Zakiya is an Omani entrepreneur and mother of one. She holds a  Bachelor in Business Administration from Waljat College of Applied Sciences, and since 2009 has owned and run Capital Veterinary Centre in Muscat. She is also a certified crystal healing practitioner. 

In 2018, she decided to consolidate her wider interest in homeopathy, healing, semi-precious stones, natural materials and mother nature into a business – Zproyecto. 

Zakiya’s commitment to products’ quality and excellence and promoting wellbeing and natural healing permeates her business.        


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