DUBAI EXPATS STORIES. Meet Jessy and her dog, Duke

After a long day’s work, nothing beats coming home to her Golden Retriever 

Work never stops in Dubai. There is always something to do in this big expat enclave that never sleeps – and it’s all about deadlines. It’s in the work culture in this city of the brave new world.

People get by and for Jessy Chami, director at a reputable public relations firm, nothing beats coming home to her Golden Retriever to remind her there’s life after a grueling, long stressful, day’s work.

“He is definitely my stress reliever. He keeps me in good company through everything,” Jessy says.

Jessy arrived in Dubai 13 years ago fresh out of college in Beirut, Lebanon. 

“I moved here in Dubai due to the economic situation back in my country. I love it here. I have lived here since I was almost 19,” she says.

Indeed, Dubai has been second home to her. “The city gave me everything: a good job, stability, peace of mind, security – everything that, I unfortunately couldn’t find in my own country, so far,” Jessy says. 

And her job? “I love everything about it. Connecting with people…engaging with new ones,” she says. 

Jessy says one of the nice things about Dubai is that it can be an expensive and, at the same time, not really that expensive at all, a city to live in.  

“If you know how to spend and have fun at the same time then you don’t have to worry about it being expensive,” says Jess, who has lived most of her life in the New Dubai, but once in a while swings by the old one by the Creek to visit the souks and all other attractions.


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