Dubai Expo City to host UAE National Day Ceremony on December 2

The official ceremony for the UAE National Day, also known as UAE Union Day, will take place at Expo City in Dubai on December 2. Expo City, hosting the COP28 climate change conference, will showcase the country’s sustainability story during the ceremony, aligning with the theme of the Year of Sustainability in 2023.¬†

Emiratis and expatriates can attend the public ceremony from December 5 to 12, with ticket details to be announced soon. The ceremony at Expo City will feature innovative technologies, projections, and elements of Sadu weaving, a traditional Bedouin technique. 

The event aims to illustrate the UAE’s commitment to unity, sustainability, and a shared vision of a sustainable future, emphasizing climate adaptation, innovation, and collective action. The official ceremony will be broadcast live on December 2 on local TV channels and the official website. 

UAE National Day celebrations are known for their grandeur, with this year’s event highlighting cultural heritage, tradition, and the country’s dedication to a sustainable future.

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