Dubai Islands Beach unveils first-ever dog park

Dubai Islands Beach, renowned for its dog-friendly ambiance, introduces a new attraction bound to delight both pups and their owners: the beach’s inaugural dog park. Scheduled to open its gates in February, this dedicated space spans 460 square meters, promising a leash-free haven where dogs can frolic, socialize, and enjoy a plethora of engaging activities.

Designed with both canine enjoyment and owner convenience in mind, the dog park boasts a range of amenities. From ramps and agility seesaws to obstacle courses and hoop rings, there’s no shortage of excitement for four-legged visitors. Meanwhile, dog parents can relax on benches while their furry companions revel in playful antics.

In addition to recreational facilities, the park prioritizes practicality with amenities such as a dog waste bin and dispenser, a pet shower, and a drinking fountain to ensure pets stay hydrated throughout their visit.

This latest addition further cements Dubai Islands Beach’s reputation as a haven for dog lovers seeking quality time with their pets. Beyond the dog park, visitors can indulge in various activities including beach volleyball, football, paddle boarding, and kayaking, all offered in partnership with Blue Safari.

Conveniently situated within walking distance of Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai and Hotel Riu Dubai, Dubai Islands Beach is easily accessible by both road and water transportation. Boat and yacht owners can anchor at Nakheel Marina Dubai Islands, ensuring a day filled with family-friendly fun.

The Dubai Islands Beach dog park welcomes visitors daily starting February 15th, from 8 am to 6 pm, promising endless enjoyment for both dogs and their devoted owners.


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