Emirates recycles over 500,000 kilograms of plastic, glass annually

Emirates has recycled over 500,000 kilograms of plastic and glass in 2022 by collecting discarded bottles onboard for repurposing. 
The glass is separated by color and crushed, and the plastic bottles are cleaned, chopped into flakes, melted into pellets, and sent to manufacturers to make other plastic products. Emirates and Emirates Flight Catering divert thousands of kilograms of glass and plastic away from landfill each year. 
This initiative was suggested by environmentally conscious Emirates Cabin Crew in 2019 and implemented within weeks.
Emirates has several other sustainability initiatives, including offering blankets made from recycled plastic bottles to Economy passengers on long-haul flights, preventing more than 95 million plastic bottles from going to landfill. 
The airline also prioritizes responsible sourcing, using wood and paper from responsibly managed forests for wooden tea and coffee stirrers, paper straws, and inflight retail bags. For children’s toys and bags, Emirates uses recycled plastic bottles and other sustainable materials, saving 8 million plastic bottles from landfill.
Emirates’ Premium Economy and Economy Class range of amenity kits are complimentary for customers on long-haul flights, and feature designs that represent the four essential elements of nature. 
The pouches are reusable and made from washable kraft paper with bespoke art printed in non-toxic soy-based ink. The contents include durable travel essentials made from environmentally friendly materials, such as a toothbrush made from a combination of wheat straw and plastic and socks and eyeshades made from recycled plastic. The packaging used for the dental kit, socks, and eyeshades is made from 90 percent rice paper.

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