Emirati student of determination achieves the highest test result in Ras Al Khaimah

Ahmed Al Dahmani,17, an Emirati student received the highest score in Ras Al Khaima during the summer exams. He scored 98.4 percent.

According to the National, this intelligent youngster has been using a wheelchair since he was nine years old. This issue never stopped him from dreaming big and achieving great things after that.

His accident occurred after he tumbled down the school’s steps and shattered his leg. During his recovery, he fell again while on a school trip to Dubai, and this time his both legs were broken.

Ahmed now requires a wheelchair because of the injuries to his legs and hands.

Ahmed was overjoyed to have received the highest scores at Al Maneyi Secondary School, but he was even more overjoyed to find he had topped the emirate.

His current goals are to restore mobility and study law.

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