Empowering Change: Florence Dalupang-Bueno Advocates for Diversity And Inclusion

Florence Dalupang-Bueno, a seasoned HR Director at SEE Engineering in the Sustainable City, Dubai, UAE, stands as a beacon of excellence in her field. Recently recognized as an awardee of the Emirates Finest Professional Awards, Florence graciously shares her insights and experiences, offering a glimpse into her remarkable journey.

When asked about her initial reaction to the accolade, Florence expresses a mix of emotions: “Being selected for such an award has given me a feeling of excitement, pride, validation, and gratitude.” Her journey, marked by dedication and perseverance, has led her to this significant milestone in her career. Reflecting on her achievements, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing the support received along the way.

Florence’s professional journey is punctuated by key milestones, each contributing to her growth as an HR professional. From her early career roles in HR administration to her strategic leadership as an HR Director, Florence’s trajectory underscores her commitment to continuous learning and development.

What sets Florence apart is her unwavering commitment to leadership and social impact. She attributes her selection as an awardee to her strong leadership qualities and her dedication to creating a positive workplace culture. Moreover, Florence’s initiatives extend beyond the workplace, making a meaningful impact on the community through her advocacy for diversity and inclusion.

Looking ahead, Florence envisions leveraging her award to further her professional goals and make a positive impact in her community and industry. She plans to strengthen her network, enhance her skills, and amplify her voice as a thought leader in HR. Additionally, Florence remains deeply committed to mentoring aspiring professionals and advocating for the empowerment of women.

For aspiring professionals, Florence offers invaluable advice: prioritize continuous learning, develop a diverse skill set, and cultivate strong relationships. Upholding ethical standards and embracing technology are also essential in navigating the evolving landscape of HR.

Florence’s upcoming projects and initiatives underscore her unwavering commitment to empowering others. From speaking engagements to receiving prestigious awards, Florence remains dedicated to her mission of making a positive difference in the world.

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