Etihad Airways adds new destinations with TAP Air Portugal partnership

Etihad Airways and TAP Air Portugal have entered a strategic codeshare agreement, enhancing connectivity for passengers on various destinations within each other’s networks. 

This move aligns with Etihad’s goal to boost Abu Dhabi’s cultural and economic growth by welcoming more visitors. The partnership offers Etihad customers one-stop access to TAP’s diverse destinations, including cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, San Francisco, and Miami. 

African locations like São Tomé, as well as European cities such as Madeira, Malaga, Seville, and Valencia, are also accessible through this collaboration. The codeshare simplifies the travel experience with a single booking, one check-in process, and seamless baggage transfer. 

The agreement commenced on December 5, 2023, expanding travel options for both airlines’ customers and fostering cultural and economic development in Abu Dhabi.

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