Expo City Dubai: 3 things you need to know before it reopens

It has been officially announced that the recent venue of Expo 2020 will be a hub of sustainability that will be opened to the public on October 1, 2022, and it will be called Expo City. 

Expo City might not be like Expo 2020 as the hub of pure entertainment, and its vast compound will be at least home to different institutions and activities and open to all residents and tourists. 

But before its opening, we should also know three essential things about the new Expo City. 

1.No cars will be allowed inside; it will be pure pedestrians.

Bicycles and scooters will be available for tenants and visitors. This is actually to expose and promote sustainability through soft mobility options. 

Ahmed Al Khatib, the Chief Development and Delivery Officer at Expo 2020, said on Monday that the city would be safe, environment-friendly, and fully pedestrianized. 

For parking, the strategy will make it easier for residents and visitors to move without hassle. 

2.Country pavilions will be retained.

Al Wasl Plaza and Terra will continue to be part of the city’s headers, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Egypt, and Luxembourg. 

“Expo city will also feature a variety of exciting attractions, offices, leisure facilities, food and entertainment venues, exercise grounds, and retail options. We are committed to creating an urban community that will play a pivotal role in Dubai’s evolution. It will also continue to be the best in class destination for visitors,” Al-Khatib said during the press conference on Monday.

3.Free of single-use plastic

According to Al-Khatib, 80 percent of the infrastructure in Expo will be repurposed and retained. He also added that the city would be free of single-use plastic. 

It will be turned into a “green urban city.” It will also be the first well-certified community in the region, demonstrating the built environment’s positive impact on health and wellness.

source: KT

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