Family’s joy turns to grief as 5-year-old daughter dies in Dubai car accident

Tragedy struck the Varghese family from Sharjah as they returned from celebrating weddings in India. Upon landing in Dubai last Friday, Jobin Babu Varghese’s family faced a fatal accident while en route home. Their 5-year-old daughter, Naomi Jobin Babu, lost her life in the incident.

The family, comprising Jobin, his wife Sobin, and their three children, was being driven by Jobin’s brother from Dubai International Airport when the accident occurred on February 23. Naomi’s twin brother Nathan, elder sister Noa, and their mother Sobin were also in the car at the time.

According to Jobin, a burst tire caused the car to lose control, leading to the fatal accident on Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road. Despite everyone being securely fastened with seat belts, Naomi suffered fatal injuries.

While the other occupants sustained minor injuries, Jobin’s brother required stitches, and his elder daughter suffered a ligament tear. The family, devastated by the loss, awaits the arrival of loved ones to proceed with Naomi’s funeral in Jebel Ali on Wednesday.

The tragedy underscores the importance of tire safety on UAE roads. According to statistics, tire-related accidents claimed at least 81 lives and injured 943 people in 2022 alone. To prevent such accidents, drivers are urged to ensure their tires are in optimal condition by following safety guidelines, including regular inspections, maintaining proper tire pressure, and replacing worn-out tires promptly.

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