Education is key to our future.

The first thing parents or guardians seek in a school is a school that has established its reputation and excellent education via respectable credentials and highly skilled teachers and personnel.

The Filipino Institute: Success Wisdom (FI) and St. Robert’s International College Gulf Institute for Training Services (SRIC) formed a collaboration program on July 17 to provide high-quality education to its students. Both institutions pass with flying colors regarding their formidable assets and undeniable legitimacy.

Mr. Gabriel John Rimando founded FI, and it offers, over its six years of existence, different training courses, both certification, and diploma. Currently, the institute provides professional programs and primary education from Kindergarten to Senior Highschool. The institution continuously delivers quality basic education programs to enhance its students’ academic and social skills.

SRIC, on the other hand, was founded in 2004 by Dr. Robert F. Galindez as a TESDA school offering caregiver courses. They began offering Basic Education programs in 2010. It is embodied in its image of “Leasing the way towards excellent, world-class, God-centred, and learner-oriented education.” It is ISO certified 9001:2015.

The institution also provides an Alternative Learning Program (ALS) to improve primary and functional reading and writing skills for out-of-school children and adult learners. It also provides a pathway to complete primary education and attend university efficiently.

Teachers and staff are collaborating to accomplish a great goal: to foster an inclusive school atmosphere for all learners.

For further information and enrolment concerns, please call the numbers listed below:

Ms. Cristina Magtalas – +971 563344146 Academic Director for K12 & CASA 3

Ms. Hannah Baguadatu – +971 544752630 Academic Director for Nursery, Learning Camp & CASA 1&2