Filipina girl can now hear after UAE government pays AED400,000 for cochlear implants

Hearing is one of the essential senses that we need in our daily lives. And millions of people all over the world have a problem with their sense of hearing. 

A Filipina girl currently living in the United Arab Emirates is now living a normal life after the government of UAE paid AED 400,000 for her cochlear implants and electronic devices that can improve her hearing. 

The lucky girl that was granted a gift is Michelle Grace. According to her mother, Dominique Villafuerte, during an interview video posted on Expo 2020 Dubai’s Twitter, before joining Expo in 2017, they had already learned that their daughter was deaf and needed cochlear implants. 

“Coincidentally, that year was the Year of Giving, and the Ministry of Health had a ‘Help Me Hear initiative,” she said. 

Villafuerte added, “We were fortunate enough to be given a chance to have our daughter’s cochlear implant for her right ear free of cost, courtesy of the UAE Government.”

However, the youngster could only hear with his right ear.

Ms. Villafuerte stated that she began working at the Expo in 2018 and that during one of the staff’s national day celebrations, she shared her daughter’s story with her colleagues and the Expo team.

“We are forever grateful to Expo. One of the lessons Expo has taught me is that no matter how bad your situation would be, there are always good people in this world who will help you one way or another – so we shouldn’t lose hope at all,” she said.

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