FOOD REVIEW: Does Sharjah Need an Affordable Seafood Hub? Yes, if It’s Off-The-Hook

Are you looking for an affordable yet delicious meal this winter? It is time for you not to worry anymore because we found the best seafood restaurant in Sharjah.

From its cozy and motivating environment to its generous and hospitable service crews, you’ll enjoy every moment of your stay in the OFF-THE-HOOK seafood hub in Al Nahda, Sharjah.

Upon entering the restaurant, the ambiance, cleanliness, and proper sanitation are widely observed for both crews and customers. Feel how homie the environment is from its first floor to its vast veranda, where you can see the sides of Dubai and Sharjah. 

Now, let us talk about the food. OFF-THE-HOOK offers affordable yet very presentable and fantastic meal variants to their customers. Aside from ala carte orders, they also have group meals for three or more individuals. You can enjoy your eating experience with your family and friends at the most reasonable price. 

If you are a group of friends who love to eat in a boodle fight manner, OFF-THE-HOOK is the best restaurant for you. These group servings can make your mouth watery, and the aroma of Cajun sauce is distinctly flavored. Never leave the restaurant without tasting their black calamari that can take you into heaven. Well, for sure, you’re also wondering how white calamari turns into a black one? I bet that’s their secret. 

Good seafood dishes always come with unique sauces that can complement the flavors of each crustacean. Try their Cajun sauce that will never disappoint you. Its extra kicks of depth-based aroma flavor are distinctly offered only in OFF-THE-HOOK.  

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