‘Golden Pension’ for expats has been announced to boost gratuities

Considering a retirement plan?

In keeping with the head start for retirement preparation, the UAE has devised a new initiative for expats. Experts estimate that expats make up 89 percent of the UAE population.

Employees can pay as low as AED 100 per month and make a return on the money they save under the plan. This is in addition to the gratuity offered by their organization.

It was created in response to “growing demand” from both companies and employees. “The one-of-a-kind project intends to assist corporates registered with National Bonds in supporting the financial ambitions of their personnel.” “(It)… will assist workers of registered corporations in strengthening their financial resilience through the strong competitive returns provided by this program,” National Bonds, which is owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, said in a statement.

As well as helping companies plan ahead for the end-of-service finances, the scheme aims to support their employee retention efforts.

imagecredit: binadvocates

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