Guillaume & Sebastien share secrets about their health supplement gummies

We all want to be healthy, now more than ever, and luckily many of us have already started making better health-conscious decisions such as consuming plant-based products and switching to natural alternatives in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. That being said, food, by itself, is not always sufficient to provide the body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs. Thus, it’s extremely important to incorporate reliable health supplements in your daily routine to boost the immune system.

If you’re not a big fan of conventional supplements that come in the form of pills, powders or tablets – then you’ll be thrilled to know that rite. has just launched its delicious gummy vitamins, designed to boost energy immunity and promote a healthy digestion – better still, it’s 100% vegan!

Rite is the solution to all recurring problems such as lack of energy, poor sleep, weight control, hair loss and stress. They provide the perfect balance between efficiency, quality and taste using the most premium and healthy ingredients for your wellbeing. 

Meet the duo behind rite. – Guillaume & Sebastien who shared their secrets about this unique supplement they have come up with.

“It all started with a personal need, we found it quite difficult to find all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in today’s food and especially in the Middle East where most of the food is imported. That’s why one out of two people in the Middle-East consume health supplements on a regular basis, even more during the pandemic, the Health Supplement category has boomed,” said Guillaume & Sebastien.

“As always, the leaders are multinational companies but none of them are local to the region as most supplements are imported from other parts of the world. When we walk into a pharmacy, we usually don’t have a nice experience as most products look like medication, it’s hard to trust them and we don’t really understand their complicated labels. Our mission is to make pill popping fun and delicious, with clean products that are easy to understand,” the two added.

Guillaume & Sebastien said rite. is the first gummy brand to use a mix of premium vitamins and plant extracts: Acerola, Guarana, Ginseng for ENERGY gummies, and Artichoke, Fennel, Pineapple stem and Cola seeds for SLIM gummies. As most brands use synthetic vitamins, additives and sweeteners. We decided to manufacture gummies that are clean and reduced in sugar for Middle eastern people

“As we launched rite. with our own savings, we decided to start with only two products for adults: ENERGY multivitamin, and SLIM for healthy digestion. The idea is to cure two general problems many people suffer from in this region: poor sleep and lack of energy, digestive issues and cravings addiction.

“We also plan to launch two other products for adults, and our first gummies for kids. As you can find the rite. gummies only in the UAE for now, we also plan to expand online in the GCC,” they added.

For more information or to order your rite gummies you can visit


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