It is worth noting that Dubai is home to four of the world’s tallest hotels

Dubai is known for its magnificent scenery, not only for its landmarks and excellent structures, but the Emirate is also known for achieving the number one spot consistently on the list of the largest and tallest skyscrapers.

Dubai goes extreme when it comes to the hotel. Aside from numerous hotels around the city, it also serves the quality and the best hospitality services worldwide.

The Emirate is known for having four of the tallest hotels in the world, beating structures from western countries.

Currently, the title holder for the tallest hotel is the Ritz- Carlton, Hong Kong, which has 1,608 feet with 118 floors but doesn’t occupy the whole building itself. Unlike the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai- the second tallest, which has 1,165 feet with 1,600 rooms, used its entirety of the hotel.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai (1,165 feet)

Rose Tower (1,093 feet)

Burj Al Arab (1,053 feet)

Emirates Tower Two (1,014 feet)

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