Khaled Nuseibeh: Empowered CEO describes as a true person at heart

The Hala board is delighted to announce the appointment of Khaled Nuseibeh as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), following five years as General Manager for Emerging Markets and GCC at Careem, which will see the unique venture realize a new set of goals.  

Hala has revolutionized the way people move around by taxi in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, empowering riders through technology and giving them an affordable and convenient option. Hala officially launched in August 2019 and a month later celebrated a milestone of the one millionth trip booked. The following two years brought on the challenges of COVID-19 and high influx of visitors and new residents to EXPO 2020, which resulted in an overwhelming but positive demand. The company proved exceptionally resilient through this and despite the unpredictable ecosystem that it works in, Hala has ensured that the transportation system was never disrupted.

Pursuing his wealth of knowledge and interest in technology advancement, Khaled successfully led nine key markets including Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Palestine, Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco as General Manager at Careem. During this time, he prompted unprecedented growth for ride-hailing in Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, while achieving the highest reliability levels in Morocco and accelerated the Jordanian taxi business to the highest market share value. Under his leadership, Careem Qatar grew 5 folds in 12 months and achieved top service levels across Careem.

“I’m very fortunate to be joining Hala after witnessing all the significant milestones that the team has achieved since launch. I’m very excited to lead this young and vibrant team at this pivotal moment to continue Hala’s success story and unlock its full potential through enhanced customer experience and reliability, while continuously progressing our value to all our riders and Captains.” said Khaled Nuseibeh, CEO for Hala.

Described as a true people person at heart, Khaled embodies the company values and believes that people are at the heart of every business. He leads by empowering individuals to excel, therefore promoting the business and its culture going forward. Hala is thrilled to welcome Khaled on board.

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