Lahore introduces artificial rain to fight pollution under Smog Action Plan

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Lahore, Pakistan, grappling with severe air pollution, has introduced a smog action plan, including the use of artificial rain through a cloud-seeding program. The city regularly ranks among the world’s most polluted. 

The Punjab provincial government has implemented measures such as lockdowns on Saturdays and Sundays, restrictions on private car usage, and enhanced scrutiny on vehicle emissions. The air quality index hovers around 265, and a four-day-a-week lockdown in October showed some reduction in smog levels. 

A cloud-seeding initiative is set to begin in late November, following a similar successful program in New Delhi, India. Experts note that while artificial rain can be effective, it requires regular application and may have associated costs and risks of flooding.

Transport, industry, construction, and stubble burning contribute to Lahore’s smog, and the government is exploring various measures for control. The Lahore High Court has urged government officials to address the smog issue, emphasizing the importance of removing old vehicles and enforcing restrictions on private car usage. 

Lahore currently tops the list of the world’s most polluted cities, with the air quality classified as hazardous.

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