Majority of UAE Employers Plan Salary Increases in 2024, Survey Shows

A recent survey conducted by Hays Middle East has unveiled promising trends in the UAE job market for 2024. According to the survey released on Wednesday, a staggering 80 per cent of employers in the UAE are planning to raise employee salaries this year. This uptick reflects a buoyant job market, a competitive talent landscape, and an overall optimistic economic outlook for the regional economy.

The survey, which included insights from more than 2,300 professionals and employers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, revealed that 69 per cent of UAE employers also intend to increase their headcount this year, with 58 per cent expressing optimism about the country’s economic prospects.

Despite these positive indicators, the survey highlighted a notable trend: nearly half (49 per cent) of companies in the UAE currently offer no remote or hybrid work options to their employees, as per the Hays GCC Salary Guide 2024.

Managing director of Hays Middle East, Oliver Kowalski, emphasized the continuing demand for qualified personnel, with 67 per cent of GCC employers aiming to expand their organizations’ headcount in 2024. He noted that 75 per cent of employees expect salary increases this year, indicating clear expectations regarding remuneration.

The survey also shed light on employees’ salary expectations, with 52 per cent reporting salary increases in 2023, primarily up to 5 per cent. Furthermore, 72 per cent of UAE professionals anticipate salary hikes in 2024, with 30 per cent planning to change companies.

Regarding Emirati employment, the survey revealed that 40 per cent of employers currently hire UAE nationals, and a similar percentage plan to recruit Emiratis in 2024. The demand for local citizens remains high, with employers typically preferring skilled and experienced national candidates.

While opinions on artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace are divided among Gulf region employers, with only 41 per cent endorsing its use, training remains crucial for staying abreast of technological advancements. However, only 14 per cent of employers report offering AI upskilling or reskilling programs to their employees.


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