Meet the ‘Nanny whisperer’

Angelica Robinson, Founder and CEO of CloudNine Kids, the trusted childcare services company operating across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, committed to providing the perfect childcare solution. 

Robinson, otherwise known as the “Nanny Whisperer,” is a qualified childcare specialist from the UK, with more than 13 years’ experience. She set up CloudNine Kids three years ago since living in Dubai after witnessing first-hand a real gap in the market.  

Although there were a number of at-home childcare facilities in the market, Angelica realized that common issues between nannies and employers, such as language barriers, communication breakdowns and skill expectations, were not being tackled, ergo creating unnecessary issues and unhappiness for both parties. 

For this reason, Robinson decided to create a service that focuses on the importance of supporting and equipping nannies and childcare providers with the right skills-based training to make a difference in family homes.  

Robinson uses her personal expertise and practices to create a childcare agency that goes beyond the standard. With her passion for training, she developed the UAE’s first childcare program accredited by Highfield (UK) specifically for the care of young children at home and used this accreditation as the foundation for CloudNine Kids. 

The CloudNine Kids recruitment model created by Robinson enables the company to hire the best childcare professionals and nannies that become trained and certified through her program.

When not at work Angelica enjoys going for long walks, dining with friends and catching up on the latest Netflix series. 


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