Pope Francis discusses Global Human Fraternity Challenges with Zayed Award Committee

Pope Francis met with the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity 2024 judging committee at the Vatican, encouraging the advancement of human fraternity worldwide in response to global challenges.

The Pope, an honorary recipient of the award, emphasized the importance of human fraternity, especially in times of ongoing conflicts. He urged committee members representing various continents to promote these values in their respective fields. The committee, comprising international figures, expressed gratitude to Pope Francis for his advocacy of human fraternity values.

They commended the Pope and Grand Imam of Al-Azhar for their 2019 agreement on the Document on Human Fraternity, which guides the selection process for the 2024 honoree(s). The committee, including notable figures like Megawati Sukarnoputri and Rabbi Abraham Cooper, will announce the award recipient(s) in February.

The Zayed Award for Human Fraternity, established in 2019, honors individuals and entities contributing to human fraternity, compassion, and empathy.

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