Pragna Vaya: Event Management Guru Envisions Growth to Help Aged Expats

“It is about how you plan your life, what you want and how you set your priorities.”

A woman of valor like Pragna Vaya, the managing director of Orbit Events and Promotions, lived and established her life in the United Arab Emirates. Her entire career was planted and harvested in the beautiful emirates of Dubai. This foundation helped her to become successful and significant person today. 

Pragna is an Indian by race but was born in Bahrain and raised in Dubai. She considered herself a lover of the city that never sleeps. Her hunger in arts keeps her moving and navigating to the cloud nine of her dreams. 

Her talents were nurtured by the education she had. Pragna was a graduate of Architecture and Interior design and a lover of paintings and drawings. 

Event Guru 

Spending all her life in the same career shaped her to be one of the best event organizers of this generation. She managed concerts, musical plays, press conferences, weddings, and even big birthday parties. 

“My passion in events was practicing, organizing musical plays, concert and community plays. We also organized Bollywood concerts with famous Bollywood performers,” she said.

This visionary woman always believes in her philosophy: life is all about planning, setting, and stamina. According to her, every person has their own journey, but nothing comes so easy when they dream.  

“A person shall set personal goals, and for me, I want to live a certain standard, and working for it is the secret for a gratified life,” she attested. 

Benevolent heart

Pragna has been in business events management and organizing for 20 years. And work taught him the importance of learning and practicing balance in everything. Having friends and family support has a massive factor for personal and professional growth. 

As a businesswoman, she always ensures that her work in Orbit Events and Promotions provides a 360 degrees solution: “Everything is important from the beginning, up to the end of the event,” she said. 

In addition, she also shared that setting a vision is essential because it mirrors the growth and prosperity in business and the workplace. Especially in Dubai, a city constantly innovating and developing. 

Everything is possible in Dubai; that is why she said, “I want to do something great in the future that can help the old-aged communities of expats who want to settle down in Dubai. Building a home for them will always be part of my dream.” 

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