RTA reopens Shindagha Tunnel in Deira-Bur Dubai direction on Sunday

Roads and Transport Authority: 13 March 2022:

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the re-opening of the Shindagha Tunnel for traffic in the direction from Deira to Bur Dubai this Sunday, March 16th, following the completion of works to link the Infinity Bridge and the new bridges with the tunnel. The reopening of the tunnel and linking it with the new bridges along the Shindagha Corridor will enhance the road capacity by 3,000 vehicles per hour, which will bring the total capacity of the corridor to 15,000 vehicles per hour.

RTA made changes to the directional signs in the area to ensure the smooth flow of traffic from Deira with the reopening of Shindagha Tunnel in the direction from Deira to Bur Dubai. The traffic movement in Shindagha Tunnel in the direction from Bur Dubai to Deira will remain as it is and is open for road users.

RTA calls on motorists to observe the speed limits, and adhere to the directional signs to their destinations as follows:

·        The traffic movement heading to the Falcon Junction has to move rightwards at the 2-lane exit of the bridge (BR2).

·        The traffic movement in the direction of Jumeirah has to move leftwards at the single-lane exit of the bridge (BR1) and cross the Falcon Junction through the 3-lane northern bridge in the direction of Jumeriah.

·        The traffic inbound from the roundabout over Shindagha Tunnel can move to Deira by taking the free rightward lane heading to the Infinity Bridge or head directly to Bur Dubai and Jumeirah through Bridge (BR2) in the direction of the Falcon Junction.

·        The traffic inbound from Al Mamzar, Al Khaleej Street and Omar bin Al Khattab Street can head to Bur Dubai and Jumeirah through the Infinity Bridge or Shindagha Tunnel by following up the directional signs from Deira side.

·        The traffic inbound from Palm Deira Metro Station and Corniche Street can head to the entry of Infinity Bridge through the upper deck of Corniche Street.

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