Saif Ali Khan: The Differences of Dream and Passion

Dubai has always proved itself to be a fighter who makes it to the top as its focus, as the country’s leadership believes that no problem cannot be solved, and there is nothing that can stop us if we are determined.” 

With Saif Ali Khan, a Canadian Managing Director of Supreme Events and Entertainment, nothing is impossible. A professional software engineer who now manages events and advertising. 

“I believe in one thing which I would like to say loud: if you want to settle and make it big in Dubai, the secret is – first you give Dubai and then Dubai gives you back.”

At an early age, Saif, a man of hard work, started to dream big by providing tuition fees for his schooling when he was in Grade 10. He considered that precious moment as the start of his career and luck.

He landed in Dubai in 1999 with a dream to provide a good life for his family. He started working with Focus Softnet in 1999 as Sales Executive selling accounting software. After some time, he excelled at his job and eventually became heading sales for a particular territory. After a few years, Saif decided to have a career change to discover more of his competencies and learn more about management and business. 

“I changed my work line in 2003 when I joined Concept Group of Companies as Group General Manager. That was a turning point in my career, and I moved from technical and software to advertising & events, and ever since, there has been no looking back. I have been a part of various national and international level events, and each show for me a masterpiece to remember,” he said. 

Blessed in Dubai

One of the highlights of his career is when he started his own business and never thought that it would be effective even during the pandemic. Dubai has always provided him with new opportunities as far as he is concerned. As a result, Dubai supported him in his dreams, and now, the company grows with the help of his loyal clients. 

“I call Dubai – my love… After blessings from God the Almighty and my parents, Dubai has given me everything, and I feel this is where I belong. This city is for dreamers; if you dream big, you can make it,” he proudly said. 

Aside from being a businessman, he also serves as a volunteer of the International Live Events Association- ILEA Middle East. It is an association for the events industry that caters to the region. 

“Events is life for me, and I have tried to understand the field in its deep sense and divided all aspects. An event is not just an evening with flashy lights & good food; there are lot of factors that goes behind the planning of an event to ensure that you give the experience to the clients that they deserve,” he explained. 

On the other hand, Saif’s success began with a humble beginning, he used to walk for 25 kms a day to save money on taxis during summer. He sacrificed his energy and time for the sake of creating his destiny. 

“I have had my fair share of struggles, and honestly, every day is a struggle, but it is up to us to accept it with positivity, overcome and keep moving. The key is to keep moving on,” he shared. 

Finally, his ultimate dream for his family and himself is to have a well-established business in Dubai and in Canada. 

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