Satakshi Singh: Passionate Entrepreneur making a name in Immigration Services business

A woman of greatness creates her destiny by trusting herself and believing that there is nothing impossible to those who know how to wait and envision a progressive life. 

Satakshi is an Indian and have been in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for 15 years. She studied in different schools around the Emirate and took-up Hospitality Management in Switzerland. 

This woman always believes that passion gives somebody a drive to push through in achieving dreams. As a millennial, her mindset makes her hungry for development and learning. And she found that creating her own business would help her not just to be a woman, but a woman who has a voice in society. 

Building her empire

Before building her own business in Dubai, Satakshi served as an employee of several companies in the emirate. Most of these industries are concerned with finance banking. Later on, these experiences aided her to manage a business of immigration. 

“I am passionate about it (immigration service). People at first did not believe in me, that I could create my own business because of my age, but I realized trusting myself was one of the most important ingredients in achieving ambitions,” she said.

At 29, she built her empire full of confidence and exemplary purposes. Her core keeps her poignant in helping people migrate, enjoy and aim high. Satakshi’s motivation to build her empire reflected in her stay in Dubai for many years. 

According to her, although many people want to work in Dubai because of several opportunities. Still, there are some people in Dubai tend to migrate to other countries like the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

“Make sure that if you want to migrate to another country, make sure that you think for it many times. Migration is a huge step, and it is not easy at all,” she said. 

Dubai is full of life

For Satakshi, Dubai is already her home. She began visualizing her dreams one step at a time. It started when she was a student and continued to develop into the chief executive officer and founder of Annaka Group.

“When you want something, don’t overthink about it, just follow your instincts,” said this woman of passion.

The keenness and self-trust can undeniably make someone an unbothered queen or king. 

Sakshi believes that a dreamer must not give up. The key is determining whether someone will push for a goal and enjoy what is on the table.

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