Salik revolutionizes parking – Dubai Mall to introduce ticketless, barrier-free parking system in 2024

Dubai’s toll-gate operator, Salik, is set to introduce a ticketless, barrier-free parking system at The Dubai Mall in collaboration with Emaar Malls. Scheduled to be operational by Q3-2024, the system aims to streamline parking for mall customers using vehicle plate recognition to deduct fees automatically from Salik user accounts.

This initiative seeks to enhance the customer experience by eliminating the need for payment kiosks and machines. Salik will manage the design, financing, installation, and operation of the parking system, with revenue details to be determined based on Emaar Malls’ finalization of business rules.

This move aligns with Salik’s strategy to offer smart mobility solutions and diversify revenue streams beyond toll-gates. The project could open up new growth possibilities for Salik, potentially extending similar services to other destinations in the city.

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