Salina Handa takes aromatherapy to the next level

Tense. Stressed. Anxious. Flat. Emotional. Off balance. 

These are all physical and mental states that have prompted the UAE to seek sanctuary at SENSASIA Spas for 17 years. But never has the multi-award winning group wanted to guide clients to a state of holistic wellness as much as it does right now, which is why the expert team is pioneering the power of exceptional quality essential oils.

Known for bespoke spa experiences and tailoring treatments with an unmatched attention to detail as standard, SENSASIA has used its extensive knowledge of aromatherapy and hi-grade essential oils to ensure clients have even more opportunity to target the exact stressors they are battling in 2021.

“Scent is directly linked to the brain,” explains Salina Handa, founder and creative director of SENSASIA Spas and its consultancy arm, THE SPA PEOPLE. “Essential oils are powerful, potent tools to shift emotions, hormones, stress response, moods, and so much more. They are an intrinsic part of what we do at SENSASIA, but I want to make sure we impart our knowledge and guide clients into crafting their spa time to really provide the elixir they are looking for, when they need it the most.”

To simplify and put to use the extensive knowledge that the SENSASIA team has on results-driven essential oil blends, clients can now select the state that matches them best from the “I Feel…” menu before they begin their treatment, which will determine the bespoke scent that is incorporated into their experience for maximum effect. 

The ‘I Feel…’ Essential Oil Selection is a complimentary addition to any treatment taken at SENSASIA Spas. 

SENSASIA has three unique locations – at Emirates Golf Club, The Village in Jumeirah and SENSASIA Stories at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates.

These unique essential oil blends can be worked into skin in SENSASIA’s 50-plus massages and total body journeys, or used within the breathing and relaxation rituals that form part of its myriad of facials and body wraps, scrubs and toning treatments.

The key states or feelings clients can select as their driving force to overcome are Tense, Stressed, Emotional, Flat, Anxious and Off Balance, leading to the following essential oil antidotes being added to their experience, completely free of charge.


Available for all treatments, across all locations, free of charge.

I Feel… Tense
SENSASIA blend: Signature
Lemongrass, geranium and lavender to target joint aches, muscle tension, improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

I Feel… Stressed
SENSASIA blend: Pick-me-up
Lavender, orange, ylang-ylang and geranium helps manage physical tension, depression, insomnia and headaches, unwinding the tight/suffocating feeling stress creates.

I Feel… Anxious
SENSASIA blend: Urban Essentials
Rosewood, ylang-ylang and lavender relax and restore body and mind, silencing anxieties, and offering holistic balance.

I Feel… Flat
SENSASIA blend: Urban Revival
Lavender, geranium, eucalyptus, neroli put the zing back in. Energising and anti-inflammatory, this mix relieves sore muscles and stress to revitalise and refresh.

I Feel… Emotional
SENSASIA blend: Living
Ylang-ylang, geranium and lavender provide an energy boost, improve blood circulation promote healing and offer clarity of mind.

I Feel… Off Balance
SENSASIA blend: Urban Balance
Juniper, rosewood and lavender have therapeutic properties to heal and balance the body, and usher in calm to a stressful lifestyle.

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