Saniya Chughtai: Dubai-based children’s story writer

Saniya Chughtai, Pakistan-born, Irish national is CEO and founder of The Wadi Tribe. A philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, business consultant, children’s author,  Saniya, who also is an interior architect and international designer, is based in Dubai

Saniya was born in Karachi, Pakistan and has lived in Ireland since the 90’s. She wrote her first children’s book nine years ago under the series, “The Adventures of Chee and Dae.” 

Since then the Seanachai in her was awakened forever and she has since written nine books, six of which have been published so far and one at illustration stage. 

She is married to Brendan McKittrick who comes from a strong Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) background, where all three brothers played GAA for Fingallians. Their father, Seamus McKittrick is an All-Ireland minor football double gold medalist. 

After months of requests from Brendan to write GAA children’s books, Saniya finally found inspiration while researching hurling, in the words,“hurling is an ancient warrior sport.” And the legend of “Tach the Hurler” was created.

Indeed, “Tach and the Cosanthor,” is a popular award-winning children’s book,  the first book in a five-part series. It is set in ancient times, introducing the origins of the game and its importance in a community.


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