Sharjah Museums Authority organizes exhibition dedicated to Baya Mahieddine

The art of late Algerian female artist Baya Mahieddine, will be under the spotlight and displayed for the first time in a survey show dedicated to her, at the Sharjah Art Museum from February 24 until July 31, 2021, as part of Sharjah Museums Authority’s (SMA) Lasting Impressions series. 

Works from her first solo exhibition in Paris (1947) are among over 70 paintings spanning Baya’s career of six decades. Organized by SMA, the exhibition is part of this year’s edition of the long-running ‘Lasting Impressions’ series at the museum. 

Considered one of Algeria’s most acclaimed artists, Baya contributed to the practice of modern art in her homeland, and in Paris where she met and was admired by many renowned artists of that period.

“We are honored to be the first cultural venue in the region to organize and curate this special solo exhibition and highlight the inspiring life of Baya and her whimsical vibrant style of work that reflects deep ideas and her ability to create an emotionally expressiveness world that draws the viewer in” said Manal Ataya, Director-General of SMA.

She said that SMA’s ‘Lasting Impressions’ series has always sought to provide a vital platform for incredible Arab artists who have not had any or enough exposure and attention they deserve. 

“We aim to exhibit works by prominent established artists and explore their artistic experiences throughout their years of practice in celebration of their contributions to art history and to the development of Arab art,” said Ataya.

Lasting Impressions is an annual exhibition that began in 2010 organised by SMA at Sharjah Art Museum, the exhibition provides either the first or most comprehensive show of a given artist from the Arab world, and showcasing their contributions to the region’s art scene. Artists that have shown in the past few years include, Adam Henein, Najat Mekky, Noor Ali Rrashid, and Ismail shammout. 


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