Sharjah tightens housing rules for singles: Stricter regulations, legislative developments ahead

Sharjah authorities are set to tighten housing regulations for single individuals residing in residential neighborhoods. The decision was made during the weekly meeting of the Sharjah Executive Council (SEC), chaired by Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad bin Sultan Al Qasimi. 

The council reviewed a report on the housing status of single residents, assessing the social, economic, and security impact of the situation. Relevant government agencies provided input, proposing streamlined procedures. 

The executive council directed to “tighten control” while new legislations are developed to meet current needs and demand. Sharjah has designated specific residential areas for families, and inspections are regularly conducted to enforce these regulations. 

The meeting also addressed various issues, including the development of services, ongoing projects, the demand for green spaces, and sustainability initiatives in the tourism sector.

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