Sheikh Mohammed affirms UAE’s unwavering support for Palestine at Arab Strategic Forum

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, asserted the enduring significance of the Palestinian issue, emphasizing its place in the conscience of Arabs, Muslims, and individuals with moral standards. Sheikh Mohammed expressed unwavering support for the cause, affirming the UAE’s commitment to seeking peace and continuing assistance to the Palestinian people. His comments were shared on the social media platform X.

The Vice-President’s statement followed his participation in the Arab Strategic Forum (ASF) in Dubai, where he underscored the event’s importance in anticipating the economic and political future of the region. Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the need for regional cooperation, crisis resolution, and independent decision-making.

The ASF, established 23 years ago, serves as a platform for decision-makers to address regional trends and pressing issues. During the forum, speakers discussed topics such as the Israel-Gaza war’s economic costs, highlighting a $2 trillion global loss over the past 70 years due to the absence of peace. Emphasis was placed on the potential $1.7 trillion savings in the next decade if peace is achieved. The forum also examined the broader repercussions of the invasion of Iraq, offering insights and lessons learned from the region’s experiences.

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