Spaces of Light Awards launch with the theme ‘Peace’ at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre has announced the launch of the eighth season of the Spaces of Light photography award, coinciding with the International Day of Tolerance. 

The theme for this edition is “Peace,” building upon the success of the previous season’s focus on “Tolerance.” The award aims to promote a deeper understanding and bridge cultural divides through meaningful cultural exchange, embracing humanitarian concepts. 

The mobile exhibition of the award has been inaugurated at the World Congress of Media Exhibition and Conference. The award includes various categories, such as “Mosques and Masjids,” “Technical and General,” “Digital Art,” and “Life at the Mosque,” with sub-themes like “Narratives,” “Time-Lapse,” and “Video Films.” 

The total value of cash prizes for the winners amounts to AED 850,000, and participation is open until October 2024. The extended participation period allows photographers to capture the essence of various seasons and events in the country.

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