Start your day right with a hearty breakfast

As your grandma used to say, starting your day with a great breakfast could take you a long way. 

To this end, glen’da Branville, the fifth product under the glen’da lineup of Digestive, Creamy Delight, Kookie and Choco Krunch biscuits, contains the much-needed nutrients from wheat and fiber and has been sized to be big enough for that all-important breakfast meal to start the day right. 

“Breakfast is considered by leading dieticians as the most important meal of the day as it helps replenish our body’s supply of glucose after sleep, which is required to boost ones’ energy levels and alertness,” Mustafa Saeed, Head of Marketing & Innovations, Snacking and Beverages at Global Food Industries (GFI), said. “With all other essential nutrients required for good health, having a healthy breakfast meal also helps in managing weight and in reducing any health risk factor.

“In today’s fast-paced and busy work schedules, the good news is that glen’da Branville offers an easy and convenient way for people to never have to skip breakfast,” Mustafa added. “It is always ready-to-go, affordable and in a packaging that contains a healthy portion to meet the busy young and adult consumers’ breakfast needs.” 

glen’da Branville comes in two flavors: Bran and Cardamom and is available at a wide range of outlets across the UAE and KSA markets. Its unique taste, modern and bright image, as well as affordable price positioning are aimed at expanding the brand’s presence in the market and gain a huge following among consumers. 

The entire lineup of the glen’da brand of snacking products is proudly manufactured in the UAE by GFI under strict international food safety standards, including Halal certification. 

GFI is a world-class value-added snacking and frozen food manufacturing company and part of Albatha Holding – one of the largest conglomerates in the UAE.


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