Study reveals 76% of UAE residents set Ramadan fitness goals, preferring night workouts

As Ramadan prompts a period of spiritual reflection and community bonding, a recent study by New Balance reveals a noteworthy trend among UAE residents. Alongside the traditional aspects of fasting and prayer, an increasing number of individuals are prioritizing physical fitness during the holy month.

The New Balance Ramadan Fitness Survey 2024 delves into the physical health commitments, attitudes, and habits of UAE residents during Ramadan, providing insights into their active lifestyles. In response to these findings, New Balance has launched the ‘You Run the Night’ campaign, aimed at promoting a more inclusive and positive approach to running culture through night runs throughout Ramadan.

The survey underscores a strong connection between spiritual renewal and physical well-being, with 76% of UAE respondents expressing commitment to specific fitness goals or resolutions during Ramadan. Moreover, two-thirds (67%) attribute fasting during Ramadan to aiding in the adherence to their fitness routines.

Interestingly, a significant shift towards nighttime activity is observed, with 55% of respondents reporting heightened energy levels at night and preferring to exercise after Iftar, the breaking of the fast. This emergence of a ‘night audience’ indicates a changing trend in fitness habits during the holy month.

The study also highlights the diverse palette of physical activities embraced by UAE residents during Ramadan, ranging from aerobic dance classes to yoga, running, gym sessions, and cycling.

Stuart Henwood, New Balance’s MENA Regional Manager, emphasized the importance of movement during Ramadan, stating, “While Ramadan is a time of reflection and celebration, it’s crucial not to overlook the significance of staying active. Movement is ingrained in our running heritage, and through initiatives like ‘You Run the Night,’ we aim to encourage individuals of all ages to embrace movement and celebrate self-expression and determination.”

New Balance has collaborated with ambassadors Amy Roko, Saudi Reporters, and Kuwaiti artist Abrar to promote the ‘You Run the Night’ campaign, further encouraging movement after Iftar.

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