From the beaches of Malaysia to the history of Jordan: UAE’s spring break travel guide

As the spring term break approaches, starting 25 March, UAE schools are winding down, and families are eagerly planning their vacations. The global travel marketplace, Skyscanner, is highlighting top visa-free destinations for UAE residents looking to escape the daily grind and dive into new adventures this spring.

Ayoub El Mamoun, a travel expert at Skyscanner, encourages families and adventure enthusiasts to consider these enticing visa-free spots for their upcoming holidays. Among the recommended destinations are the Seychelles, starting from AED 2,711, offering a tropical paradise with stunning beaches and lush landscapes perfect for family retreats. Georgia, with packages beginning at AED 1,703, invites travelers to its ancient monasteries and vibrant cities, increasingly popular among UAE residents. Jordan, starting at AED 1,752, boasts historical treasures and natural wonders, including the ancient city of Petra and the therapeutic Dead Sea, making it an ideal family getaway. Malaysia, with prices from AED 1,903, presents a cultural mosaic with its bustling cities, serene beaches, and diverse ecosystems, perfect for explorative families.

For those still undecided on a destination, Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ search feature offers inspiration at the best prices, showcasing various visa-free destinations like Thailand from AED 1,891, the Philippines from AED 1,932, Azerbaijan from AED 1,634, and Malaysia from AED 1,976 for round trips.

With a wide range of visa-free travel options at their fingertips, UAE residents have the perfect opportunity for a stress-free and memorable spring break vacation.

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