DUBAI, UAE — One of the leading global aesthetic and skincare player, Teoxane is the first office set up by the Geneva based company in the Middle East and North Africa region. This firm is committed to offer and extend best-in-class customer service and deliver business continuity, thereby providing customers and professionals easier access to the unique bespoke collection of products designed by Swiss science and excellence.

Teoxane is now actively present in Turkey, Middle East and Africa region with a local office operating from Dubai, UAE.  

Teoxane focuses on designing innovative hyaluronic dermal fillers, an award-winning range of bespoke products made of 100% non-animal origin, cruelty-free and biodegradable hyaluronic acid (HA) that is highly biocompatible, offering immediate and long-lasting results. 

Madame Valérie Taupin, the visionary behind Teoxane, built her visionary aesthetics empire in 2003, with a commitment to provide first in class avant-garde products that deliver high performance, based on rigorous scientific research delivering long-lasting natural results.

Keeping HA at the heart of everything they do, Teoxane was able to recognize the benefits of the current staple beauty ingredient to combat the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, long before the hype. Today, the benefits of HA are widely known amongst beauty enthusiasts and practitioners, and the industry recognizes Teoxane  as one of the first to incorporate HA with their cosmeceuticals range.

Teoxane believes that your beauty has a future, which is at the heart of the company vision created and led by CEO and founder Madame Valérie Taupin 

“We at Teoxane believe beauty should not be compromised at any cost, or any distance, and that our skin deserves the best. We live at a time when beauty is no longer a question of age. Women and men alike now want their looks to last. As the founder of Teoxane Laboratories, I fully understand this ever-growing desire to look and feel your best. 

“I have gathered experts in the complex development of hyaluronic acid injectable gels and cosmeceuticals. Together we are there to accompany you on your journey into the world of beauty. Research teams driven by a strong culture of excellence, innovation and safety ensure that the hyaluronic acid gels we develop and produce in Switzerland are of the highest quality and purity.”

Crossing the 17-year mark, the company has grown from strength to strength, with a growing presence in over 80 countries around the world, a true testament of their dedication to apply industry-leading expertise and high-quality standards to all their products and services. 

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