The Sustainable City lights up its green biodomes blue to mark Autism Awareness Month

The Sustainable City in Dubai will be bathed in blue light for the month of April to commemorate World Autism Day. The 11 biodomes that run along the central spine of the community will be filled with blue light as part of ‘The Light Up Blue’ campaign, which raises awareness about autism. The campaign is annually observed on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day during which landmarks all over the world turn blue to mark the occasion. Blue is a colour that evokes feelings of calm and is a symbol of acceptance, which can sometimes be challenging for those with autism.

The Sustainable City, usually known for being green because of its embedded sustainability philosophy that sees villas powered by solar energy and enables waste and water recycling, also has strong social values. Inclusion is a top-priority within TSC and the world’s largest autism centre, Sanad Village, is situated in the heart of the city.

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