Tragic car crash claims lives of five Emirati family members in Ajman after New Year’s eve

In a heartbreaking incident, a family from the United Arab Emirates faced immense tragedy as five members, including a couple, their two daughters, and a niece, lost their lives in a car accident in Ajman.

The fatal collision occurred in the early hours of January 1 as the family was returning from Hatta in Dubai, colliding with a truck in the Masfoot area of Ajman. Despite the prompt arrival of police and paramedics, the family members succumbed to their injuries.

Amidst the sorrow, there is a small relief as two other girls involved in the crash survived and are currently recovering in a city hospital, reported to be in stable condition. Authorities have determined that distracted driving was the cause of the accident, highlighting the importance of road safety and vigilance on the streets.

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