UAE-based water-from-air solution provider to distribute 30,000 drinking water bottles during Ramadan

Ma Hawa, an Emirati brand owned by Baynunah Watergeneration Technologies SP LLC, is will distribute over 30,000 eco-friendly water bottles through the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) during Ramadan as a part of its community initiaitives and sustainable hydration awareness efforts.

Ma Hawa water bottlesare filled with pure drinking water harvested directly from the air using Ma Hawa’s innovative Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) technology, while the company is committed to the UAE’s sustainability goals and the efforts under the Mohammed bin Zayed Water initiative.

In addition, the company will also deploy a number of innovative AWG machines at numerous mosques across the country, continuing its mission to provide sustainable and reliable sources of clean drinking water for worshippers beyond ramada.

Commenting on the initiatives, Amro Asmael, Head of Marketing at Ma Hawa, said: “We are humbled to play a role in supporting the community and promoting sustainable hydration practices this Ramadan. Our efforts align with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Water Initiative that aims to address water security through innovative solutions to build a brighter future for future generations.”

Ma Hawa’s revolutionary technology transforms atmospheric humidity into refreshing water,and the company offers solutions that can provide drinking water to homes, commercial facilities, and even towns. It is hugely invested in building awareness among people so they embrace AWG innovations.

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