Retail fuel prices in the UAE dropped by 62 fils per litre this month of September following the global rates. 

This month is the second month in the UAE that fuel prices dropped. It is remembered that last August, the prices of fuel drop to 60 fils per litre. 

Here’s the table of prices of September 2022 prices in comparison with August 2022 charges: 

PetrolSeptember 2022August 2022
Super 98AED 3.41AED 4.03
Special 95AED 3.30AED 3.92 
E-Plus 91AED 3.22AED 3.84
DieselAED 3.87AED 4.14

Prices of crude oil have been trending downward due to concerns about the recession, global economic slowdown, and China’s new restrictions on Covid-19.